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City-Regions in Prospect?

Autor: Jones, Kevin Edson; Lord, Alex; Shields, Rob

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How should the metropolis be governed? What is the appropriate scale to consider and organize local governance and communities? Bringing together an interdisciplinary and international body of scholarly work, City-Regions in Prospect? explores the city-region as both an evolving concept and as a growing area of planning practice. Contributors raise critical questions about the ways in which governance reform is being reshaped and whether current trends towards rescaling and rebounding cities actually address local challenges of urbanization and globalization. These essays highlight the tensions and uncertainties between the city-region as a concept and the experiences of local communities when municipal policies are applied. Proposing a challenge to scholars and municipal leaders to account for flexibility, adaptability to local contexts, social robustness, and community engagement, City-Regions in Prospect? Captures the growing relevance and importance of cities in a rapidly urbanizing world.

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AutorJones, Kevin Edson; Lord, Alex; Shields, Rob
EdituraMcGill-Queen's University Press
Dimensiuni163 x 235 x 22
Data Publicarii01/09/2015
Numar pagini278
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