Civil War

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Experience the Civil War on a breathtaking three-dimensional journey! By viewing spectacular historical photos with 3D glasses, you will get the impression of being there―on the battlefield at Gettysburg, at a field hospital, aboard the famed ironclad USS Monitor, and in ruins of once proud cities. You will be able to go back in time―in 3D!

Along with a preface by National Park Service chief historian Dr. Robert Sutton, and an informative timeline, the reader will be able to track the war's significant battles, events, and even come face to face with President Lincoln. Civil War photographers were already able to capture stereo images in order to create the illusion of three-dimensional depth. A carefully chosen collection of these amazing 150-year old photographs, painstakingly restored and converted into 3D anaglyphs, helps the reader to visually experience one of America's most defining moments―the Civil War. This unique volume is a must-have addition to any military history library! 3D glasses included.