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Coot Club

Autor: Ransome, Arthur

Disponibilitate: Livrare in 2-4 saptamani (nu se afla in stoc, dar poate fi adus de la furnizorii nostri in 2-4 saptamani)

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`Let fly jib sheet! Fenders out!' Dick and Dorothea - also known as The Ds - arrive in Norfolk all ready to learn how to sail. They couldn't hope for a better teacher than Tom Dudgeon. But Tom is in a spot of trouble. After seeing the beastly Margoletta moored clean across the nests of his beloved coots, Tom set the motorcruiser adrift.

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AutorRansome, Arthur
EdituraVintage Publishing
Dimensiuni204 x 145 x 27
Data Publicarii24/06/1982
Numar pagini352
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