Crafting Wearables

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This book introduces the exciting intersection of technology and fashion known as wearable computing. Learn about the future of electronics in clothing and testiles, and be a part of creating that future! Crafting Wearables begins with the history of the field, then covers current practices and future trends. You will gain deeper insight into the strategy behind the design of wearable devices while learning about the tools and materials needed to start your own wearables toolbox.

In a time when consumer electronics are becoming smaller and seamlessly integrated into our lives, it is important to understand how technology can improve and augment your lifestyle. Wearables are in a sense the most organic and natural interface we can design, yet there is still doubt about how quickly wearable technologies will become the cultural norm. Furthermore, skills that have become less valuable over the years, such as sewing, are making a return with the wearables movement.

Gives a better understanding of wearable technology and how it has evolved
Teaches basic skills and techniques to familiarize you with the tools and materials
Showcases breakthrough designs and discoveries that impact our everyday interactions
What You'll Learn
Learn the history of how technology in fashion has evolved over time

Discover interesting materials and fabrics for use in wearable technology

Glimpse new tools for designing wearable technology and fashion

Rediscover sewing and related skills that every wearables enthusiast should learn

Learn how new techniques in textile manufacturing could disrupt the fashion industry

Understand and respond to the cultural and societal developments around wearables
Who This Book Is For
Crafting Wearables is written for the curious designer, engineer, or creative who is looking for insight into the world of fashion technology. It is for someone who wants to start exploring wearables with basic projects and dig deeper into the methods and tools of an expert. Crafting Wearables is intended to impart comprehensive general knowledge of the state of wearables in different industries while providing a well-curated list of example projects and resources by which to begin your personal journey into e-textiles. It is a wonderful read for those who are looking to expand their understanding of fashion and technology from both a hands-on and research based perspective.