Autor: Polak, Nina

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Short Story Collection - Translated from Dutch to English by Emma Rault

A delightful selection of acerbic, wryly funny stories about modern relationships, queer love, and non-monogamy.

In what might be considered a keystone story, ‘The Sociologist’, the author of a self-help book is repeatedly invited to give lectures to ‘debunk love’ but doesn’t really believe any of the things she says.

Then ‘The Female Dandy’ of the title is a fictional journalistic feature about the rise and fall of a lesbian/feminist literary magazine and the infighting between the performatively stylish, performatively principled three women presiding.

‘Remaining Isolde’ depicts a straight couples forays into non-monogamy where it soon becomes apparent that while neither is really happy with their arrangement they feel compelled to pursue it all the same.

In ‘No Petting’ a woman considers her own life while visiting a zoo.

And finally, ‘What Is It You Want To Know’ sees an elderly mother struggle with her grown daughter’s refusal to acknowledge her relationship with another woman.