Data Structures

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This book is specifically designed in accordance with the 'Anna University 2017 regulation' of CSE and IT courses. It is written in an easy to understand manner to meet the requirements of the students who want to get conversant with programming in C and to write programs in C for various data structures with algorithms. It presents topics including linear data structures - list, nonlinear data structures - stacks and queues, trees, graphs, searching, sorting and hashing techniques, etc. Technical questions and answers, appendices and index supplement the text. Examples are liberally added to present the concept clearly.

- Simple and systematized style of presentation.
- A clear focus on numerous university questions for better scoring.
- Algorithms of complicated data structures are followed by executable C programs.
- Algorithms are independent of the programming language.
- Programs have been tested and debugged for errors.
- 100+ programs which are useful for laboratory practical and projects.
- 450+ multiple choice questions (MCQs) valuable for interviews.