Day the Sky Fell In

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The Day the Sky Fell In is a therapeutic story about letting go of worries and emotional baggage.

When a determined girl climbs a difficult path up a cliff, the sky rains down mystery objects on her which she catches and carries with her. Her journey becomes more and more difficult and when she arrives at the top of the cliff she is too weighed down to slide down to the sea, the very place she wants to get to. By letting go of things she doesn't really need, the girl feels lighter and is able to follow her valued direction.

This beautifully illustrated storybook will appeal to all children, and can be used by practitioners, educators and parents as a tool to discuss with children what we value as important in life and how we can let go of things we don't need, such as unhealthy or unhelpful feelings, thoughts or behaviours.

This story can be purchased alongside six other storybooks as part of a set (ISBN: 9781138556478), as well as in a set alongside the guidebook Nurturing Emotional Resilience in Vulnerable Children and Young People and six other storybooks (9781138556454). The guidebook outlines ways to use these beautifully told and visually appealing stories to nurture emotional resilience with children and will be invaluable tools for anyone working to build emotional resilience with children and young people.