Dilly Cooper - Hat-astrophe

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“Between Rose Thorn and Mrs Sneddle, school is miserable. Just know I hate Rose Thorn and she hates me—end of story. Or maybe it is the beginning?”

Dilly Cooper likes to draw comics and is just trying to have a little fun while getting through school. It can be hard sometimes with her nemesis, Rose Thorn, living down the street with her equally obnoxious father and dog, Tidbits. Rose lives up to her name and is a continuous thorn in Dilly’s side, always getting her into trouble.

Things go from bad to worse when her favourite teacher is replaced with horrible, math-loving Mrs Sneddle. The pressure is on, between calculating Rose Thorn and the pranks from the ‘Goon Boys’, Dilly finds it hard to keep out of trouble! Then auditions for the school production cause a stir of excitement. The show turns the promise of stardom into a hair-raising catastrophe!