Disobedient Theatre

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Theatre is at its best when it is disobedient. When it argues back to society. But what enables it to achieve this impact? What makes it a force to be reckoned with? What are the principles and the tools of the trade that shape it to be effective, powerful and resonant? Drawing from both practice and theory, and conversations with recognized practitioners from across the UK, this book provides answers.

This is a book for all those who have an interest in what makes theatre powerful, disturbing or even life-changing. It looks at some key relationships; between theatre and activism and between theatre and social development in particular. Avoiding too much jargon, it offers a way to understand what are the driving ideas that lead to plays, shows and workshops which can change and inform the evolution of society.

Divided into two parts, In The World and In The Room, the book presents a rounded picture of the possibilities of a 'disobedient' culture and includes many games and exercises for creative practitioners.