Dramatic Text Workbook and Video

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The Dramatic Text Workbook and Video explores the expressive potential of language and how you, as an actor, director or teacher, can develop the skills to release that potential in rehearsal and performance. Written by acclaimed voice teachers David Carey and Rebecca Clark Carey, this practical textbook shows how to bring together the power of language with voice and provides practical approaches to each aspect of verbal expression with the aid of classical and modern scenes and speeches. Chapters consider:

- Sound speech sounds and how to use them more expressively
- Image bringing life and specificity to images when you speak
- Sense how to focus on the most significant words and phrases in a speech or scene
- Rhythm how rhythm is created and used in both verse and prose
- Argument the structure or logic of language

The Dramatic Text Workbook and Video, a new edition of The Verbal Arts Workbook, includes a revised introduction, updated reading lists and access to over 90 minutes of online video workshops, exploring the key techniques and tactics discussed in the book.