English-Russian Russian-English Medical Dictionary and Phrasebook

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The Routledge English-Russian Russian-English Medical Dictionary and Phrasebook is the first full-size English-Russian bilingual Medical Dictionary that covers a broad range of up-to-date medical terminology.

Key features:

Includes a phrasebook appendix consisting of 22 sections including areas such as Emergency Medical Terminology and Medical Insurance Terms.

Expressions included in the phrasebook taken from authentic medical documents.

English-Russian list of medical roots

Suffixes and prefixes that are predominately used in medical terminology formation

Bilingual list of the most used medical abbreviations

Russian words provided with stress marks for proper pronunciation.

This dictionary has been designed to cater to the needs of Russian-English English-Russian interpreters and translators, bilingual medical professionals, libraries, universities, educators and students both in English and in Russian-speaking countries.

Yuliya Baldwin is a linguist and a specialist in English-Russian interpretation/translation and teaches Russian at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.