Environment, Climate Change & Disaster Management

Autor: Mani, Dr N

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Environmental degradation in India has been caused by a variety of social, economic, institutional and technological factors. Rapidly growing population, urbanisation, industrial activities, and the increasing use of pesticides and fossil fuels have all resulted in considerable deterioration in the quality and sustainability of the environment. Similarly, climate change, caused by the building up of green house gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere, is a serious global environmental concern. The affects on India from climate change-in particular impacts on water resources, forests, coastal areas, agriculture, and health-need to be identified and appropriate remedial measures taken. Many regions in India are highly vulnerable to natural and other disasters due to geological conditions. About 60% of the landmass is susceptible to earthquakes. Over 8% is prone to floods, and 8,000 kilometres of coastline is prone to cyclones. Likewise, 68% of the landmass is susceptible to drought. Disasters are no longer limited to natural catastrophes. Man-made emergencies often cause bigger disasters in terms of fatalities and economic losses. This book provides an exhaustive account of the environmental problems in India, and the subsequent consequences. It examines policies and programs of the Government of India to arrest environmental degradation and ensure green growth. India's approach to climate change and disaster mitigation/management is also included. [Subject: Environmental Economics, Development Studies, Environmental Conservation and Protection, Environmental Law, Public Policy, Climate Change, India Studies, Sustainable Development]