Essays in the History of Nephrology

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Essays in the History of Nephrology is the second in a five-volume series in Medical Humanities, which attempt to make physicians more compassionate, caring, empathetic and better devoted to the calling of enhancing longevity and quality of life, doing no harm, and eliminating pain, while simultaneously striving for the ideal physician as a well rounded, multi-facted, versatile, diversely talented practitioner with a wide breadth of intellectual interests: in other words, "a Renaissance man." The ten essays in this volume deepen our understanding of the research of Richard Bright, Sir Robert Christison, Pierre Rayer, Sir William Osler, and others. They apply the methods of the discipline of history, drawing on primary and secondary sources, as it relates to the uncovering the modern evolution from the 18th to 20th centuries of major breakthroughs, turning points, paradigm shifts, and widening of areas of knowledge in the evolution of nephrology in the field of medicine.