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This clear and pedagogical text delivers a concise overview of classical and quantum statistical physics. Essential Statistical Physics shows students how to relate the macroscopic properties of physical systems to their microscopic degrees of freedom, preparing them for graduate courses in areas such as biophysics, condensed matter physics, atomic physics and statistical mechanics. Topics covered include the microcanonical, canonical, and grand canonical ensembles, Liouville's Theorem, Kinetic Theory, non-interacting Fermi and Bose systems and phase transitions, and the Ising model. Detailed steps are given in mathematical derivations, allowing students to quickly develop a deep understanding of statistical techniques. End-of-chapter problems reinforce key concepts and introduce more advanced applications, and appendices provide a detailed review of thermodynamics and related mathematical results. This succinct book offers a fresh and intuitive approach to one of the most challenging topics in the core physics curriculum and provides students with a solid foundation for tackling advanced topics in statistical mechanics.