Every Man Jack of Us!

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Every man jack of us experiences all that life offers, whether we ask of it or not. Although we would like to think that our past, present and future is by our design, it is by the grace of God that we are taken on life’s roller coaster from our birth to our passing. We ride it upwardly, anticipating the exhilaration of heights we will achieve; downwardly, anticipating the rush to comfort that surviving the fall will bring us; and quickly around its twists, curves and loops, anticipating the self-actualisation that we have “been there, done that” by which we gauge our lives against that of others’.
Every man jack of us experiences the others, who around us become them, and within us become those, while all along becoming we. What we see outside of us is but a window into what we can learn about ourselves if only we take the time to open the blinds to those things that we may not be comfortable accepting about ourselves.
Every man jack of us is defined not by who, what or why we are – only that we are. And that we are is what is relevant to this book.