Everything is Now

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Foremost amongst Nature's closest-guarded secrets is how to unite Einstein's theory of gravity with quantum theory - thereby creating a "quantum space-time". This problem has been unsolved now for more than a century, with the standard methods of physics making little headway.

It is clear that much more radical ideas are needed, and our front-line researchers are showing that string theory provides these. This book describes these extraordinary developments, which are helping us to think in entirely new ways about how physical reality may be structured at its deepest level.

Amongst these ideas are that

Everything can happen at the same time - it is all Now;

Hidden spaces, large and small, are everywhere amongst us;

The basic objects are "membranes" that behave like soap bubbles and can explore the shape of spacetime in new ways;

We are holographic projections from higher dimensions;

You can take the "square root" of gravity;

Ideas from the ancient Greeks are resurfacing in a beautiful new form;

And the very latest work shows that "staying positive" is essential.

The book is aimed at a general audience, using analogies, diagrams and simple examples throughout. It is intended as a brief tour, enabling the reader to become aware of the main ideas and recent work. A full of list of further resources is supplied.

Bill Spence is the founding Director of the Centre for Research in String Theory at Queen Mary University of London. He has worked on string theory for over three decades.