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Facing Up to Climate Reality


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EdituraLondon Publishing Partnership
Dimensiuni228 x 305 x 16
Data Publicarii05/04/2019
Numar pagini238
We are used to hearing that the climate crisis is serious, but still tractable if we start acting on it soon. The reality is different. Things are going to get much worse, for a long time, whatever we now do - though hardly anyone wants to admit it. This book from the Green House collective offers climate honesty. The time for focusing primarily on mitigation is over. We now need to adapt to the dark reality of climate breakdown. But this means a deep reframing of our entire way of life. The book explores how transformative adaptation might enable us to confront escalating climate chaos while not giving up hope. Facing up to Climate Reality is a book for those brave enough to abandon the illusion of continuing normality, and embark on a harder, truer journey. Catastrophe or hope? Read this book and make up your own mind."

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