Following Christ in an Age of Confusion

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If you are a young person, you are at an exciting stage of life and God can do great things for you and through you. However, living as a Christian in the twenty first century takes faith, conviction and courage. Our Western World is becoming increasing secular, and people genuinely think that science has disproved the existence of God. Moreover, the message of the bible flies in the face of modern philosophies, ethics and moral standards. This means that to make headway as a Christian can feel like swimming against the tide. The topics included in this book have already been raised by young people in bible class, or in other contexts, or are related to issues which have impacted young people. Keep your bible handy as you read this book and take time to look up the references. The authors have tried to base all the advice given on God's word. Understanding something of the Glory of God and being captivated by His son, the Lord Jesus Christ, will enable you to live a happy, purposeful life and save you from many problems and issues.