Format Your Book with Vellum

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Are you an author looking for self-publishing tips on how to format your book? Are you a DIY writer working hard to become independently published, but you need a simple tutorial to guide you as you finish the process?

The writer's journey isn't an easy one, but if you're interested in efficient learning and simple books that make your life easier, Format Your Book with Vellum: A Simplified Vellum Tutorial with Notes for PC Users will help you out. With lots of images to guide you through a start-to-finish book format, you will learn the basics of using Vellum, with formatting foundations like . . .

- Trim size and margins

- Custom chapter headings

- Ebook metadata

- Chapter opener page styles

- Choosing your font (plus the only "bonus" font!)

- Generating print and ebook files

PC users--you, too, can use this Mac-based program! There's a "New to Mac?" chapter just for you, with tips and tricks to set you up for success.

You will be thrilled by Jody's generous insight. Start using Vellum with confidence and enjoy your self-publishing journey!