Genius of Yoga

Autor: Finger, Alan

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Discover the transformational power of Yogic meditation to help you access your innate brilliance and source of creative inspiration. While many yoga practitioners may be introduced to mindfulness or some other form of meditation in class, traditional Yogic meditation appeals to yogis who want to explore the path further and take their practice to a deeper level.

Meditation done through a traditional Yogic framework not only gives you specific tools for improving health and creating emotional balance, but also offers you an experience beyond the sense-focused mind. Here, master yogis Alan Finger and Peter Ferko offer practical guidance on using traditional Yogic meditation to access atman, your unbound intelligence, or what the authors call your innate “genius.” Realizing atman allows you to go beyond the limits of mindfulness to reach a deep source of creativity and inspiration within you—and connects you to your true purpose and direction in life.