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Growing Biodynamic Crops

Autor: Sattler, Friedrich; Wistinghausen, Eckard von

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A biodynamic farm is an integrated, holistic organism which balances animal husbandry with growing a range of plants, crops and trees. Balance is of the utmost importance, and will result in a sustainable farm. This book focuses in depth on one aspect of biodynamic farming: growing crops. It addresses all aspects of crop husbandry, from the nature of plants and issues of land use to cultivating grassland, weed control, crop rotation, seeds and sowing, and growing cereals, row crops, legumes, fodder crops and herbs. This is a comprehensive overview of crops and cropping for biodynamic farmers, written by experts in their field.

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AutorSattler, Friedrich; Wistinghausen, Eckard von
EdituraFloris Books
Dimensiuni223 x 156 x 17
Data Publicarii18/09/2014
FormatPaperback / softback
Numar pagini160
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