How to Eat an Elephant

Autor: Hall, Jess

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Descriere RO

The how-to guide for overcoming obstacles, the daily mantra, the wild adventure, the quarter-life crisis, and the self-help book of the century – all wrapped into one crazy story about the life of a “kinda Amish” girl.
It’s messy, honest, real, and inspiring. A young woman’s fearless journey into the unknown after having an epiphany about the true meaning of life.
The beautifully woven masterpiece looks at the life of a small-town girl who, at the age of seven, predicted that she would one day write a book. Despite being shunned by her family, she decided to take a leap of faith and left home at the age of nineteen with $500 to her name and a one-way ticket to Honolulu, Hawaii.
How to Eat an Elephant is an eloquent reflection of the life of a first-generation college graduate. The nuanced writing style brings new life to the mundane artifacts of everyday life.