How to Make a Million - Slowly

Autor: Lee, John

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John is a hero to many private investors in the UK. By tucking money away year after year, and choosing his investments wisely, he has accumulated a portfolio worth more than 1 million. "The Motley Fool"" " I m a big fan of the writings of John Lee. John Lee moves the market. " ""Monevator " Lord (John) Lee of Trafford was one of the first UK investors to build an ISA portfolio worth more than 1 million, reaching that landmark in 2003. "Daily Telegraph, "March 2012" "John Lee is one of the UK s most successful private investors. Beginning with an investment pot of 125,000 in the early 1980s, by 2003 he had turned this into a thriving portfolio of over 1 million, and it has significantly increased in value since then. Using efficient investment methods, as well as pursuing a winning buy and hold strategy, he was the UK s first ISA millionaire. In "How to Make a Million Slowly, "John Lee offers invaluable lessons that will help you make the right decisions about your investments. Explaining why an unhurried portfolio is the best and most sustainable strategy for growth, you will learn how to spot opportunities, research and monitor the market, work with management and above all, make money."