In Demand, in Command

Autor: Grant, Philip

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A comprehensive, insightful and practical guide to transforming your customer value and costs of service.

Great, you’re in demand! You have a brilliant product, excellent services, and competitive pricing. But that only gets you a seat at the table. If you really want to stay ahead of the game and be in command of a modern, always-connected world, you need a winning digital customer experience strategy.

In Demand, in Command is essential to anyone that considers the growth, allegiance, and advocacy of customers at lower operating costs as paramount. Increasingly, there is a need to stand out from the crowd and not be easily imitated by others. This book gives you immediate access to shrewd, insightful and comprehensible advice on customer strategy, digital optimisation and organisational transformation.

Packed with thought-leading expertise, proven ‘how to’ techniques, and real-life experiences, it enables you to accelerate improvements in your customer insight, service performance, business margins and competitiveness. In Demand, in Command is as much about the people and processes that drive your desired business growth, as it is about digital technologies.

Put simply – if you sell to, or serve the public in any shape or form, this book is a must for you.