In the Zone II

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I want you to think about a time when you were dead and buried in a game and found the courage to never give up; a time when you realised that a miracle was needed and you actually achieved one. Isn't it the best feeling? That is not luck, that is courage.

Courage is this inner super-power that allows you to achieve all the time, every time. It makes you feel good about yourself and increases your overall enjoyment for the sport.

A courageous bowler is not lucky when they win the close games, they deserve them.
A courageous bowler who comes from behind and records an amazing victory, or holds off a fast finishing opponent while staying cool under pressure, deserves every win they have.
The most memorable wins are the tough games that require every iota of courage to get over the line. It is not the easy wins or the biggest wins that you remember, it is the wins that when everybody else chewed their nails, or sat down and gave up, you stood up and faced your fears.
Make the choice to be courageous. One day you might need to draw a shot within a foot of a sunken jack to win a World Singles.
Nervous? A little.
Courage? Without a doubt.