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Japanese Dolls

Autor: Pate, Alan Scott

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Japanese Dolls: The Fascinating World of Ningyo, is a wealth of information for Japanese art collectors, Asian doll collectors and doll enthusiasts of all levels and interests.
Full of beautiful photographs, the book details 18 kinds of widely collected, obtainable and affordable, antique and vintage dolls and figurines (ningyo). Author Alan Scott Pate--the leading American expert on Japanese dolls--writes in illuminating detail about the traditions of each type of doll and shares practical tips on how to collect this amazing Japanese art form.
Included in this guide to Japanese ningyo are:
Festival dolls hina-ningyo, musha-ningyo, tableau dolls

Display dolls saga-ningyo, gosho-ningyo, isho-ningyo, iki-ningyo

Wood dolls kamo-ningyo, nara-ningyo, kokeshi-ningyo

Clay dolls fushimi-ningyo, hakata-ningyo

Mechanical dolls karakuri-ningyo, kobe-ningyo

Theatrical dolls bunraku-ningyo, takeda-ningyo

Play dolls ichimatsu-ningyo, keue saiko

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AutorPate, Alan Scott
EdituraTuttle Publishing
Dimensiuni285 x 219 x 25
Data Publicarii14/08/2017
Numar pagini272
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