Joyful - A Journey From Scepticism To Faith

Autor: Kelly, Paul J

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I have written a raw, frank account of my life, holding nothing back. You will be inspired by my authenticity. This is life with all the highs, lows; the good, the bad and the very ugly. Survival of the fittest they say, character-building stuff they say. Well, see how I survived.

My experience in leadership and management, my never-give-up approach and always a desire to have a go, although often failure bit me in the backside.

From being in the DevilÔÇÖs camp for most of my life to finding faith. Married at a very young age with a baby on the way, the pressure this brings to bare on both partners.

The learnings from being married for over 46 years, the effect of a marriage breakup, then reconciliation. One is always a parent and one always will be there when your kids hit rock bottom, the reader will see why you are always a parent, no matter how old your kids are.

What looking in the mirror can do for self-reflection and growth, my learnings from my days as a rugby referee, that helped me develop as a leader.

Mostly what and how my faith has dramatically impacted me.