Jung to Live By

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Our understanding of human personality owes much to the psychology of Carl Jung. Now, through the guidance of a practising Jungian analyst and teacher, you can learn how to uncover the hidden aspects of yourself - your strengths, latent skills and unsuspected talents. You will discover how to interpret your dreams and apply their revelations to your waking hours, how to develop your creativity and improve your most intimate relationships. Jungian psychology will become an important force in your personal quest for a happier, more dynamic life.
- What is your own personality style?
- What inner forces influence your likes and dislikes, your career choices and romances?
- What mask do you wear, and does it hide the 'real' you?
- How can you transform yourself and your world?
Are you the Earth Mother, the Victim, the Star? Do you have a 'mother complex', a 'power complex' or a 'martyr complex'? Learn how to come to terms with your dominant archetype, find out what you can do about the complexes that inhibit your personal growth. By understanding yourself you will discover how to fulfil your potential in everything you do.