KS3 History The French Revolution

Autor: Peal, Robert

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Ready-made high quality KS3 history lessons on the French Revolution – topic booklet perfect for a half term’s work.

Give every student access to high quality KS3 History textbook content with this topic booklet on the French Revolution.

Chapter 1: The Ancien Regime
Chapter 2: Execution and terror
Chapter 3: The rise of Napoleon
Chapter 4: Britain’s response
Chapter 5: The fall of Napoleon

• Fits into the school timetable with ease with 5 high quality lessons, perfect for a half term

• Ignites an interest in history through extraordinary people, amazing facts, and a distinctly engaging narrative

• Helps all students to think critically about the past by focusing on the knowledge they need and then checking their understanding

• Aids pupil memory with a ‘knowledge organiser’ at the back with key dates, vocabulary and significant people.

• Delivers excellent lessons and saves time planning with the Teacher Guide available free on Collins.co.uk, containing teaching ideas, suggested sources, assessment, answers, essay titles and extended writing examples