Legacy of Absence

Autor: Olson, Tim

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Imagine a son or daughter who realizes dad has chosen work, sports, or other addictions instead of them. This is abandonmentā€”and the consequences will leave a negative life-long legacy. But there is a solution. It's not an easy road, but it's not impassable. The Legacy of Absence explores the ways in which involvement and reconciliation can heal the wounds created by a distant father, and turn even a physically absent father into one who is involved with all aspects of his child's life. Author Tim Olson has spent 53 years as a teacher, principal, pastor, and life coach studying, observing, and researching family relationships and father/child dynamics. He will help readers discover:ā€¢ the sources of anger, not just how to manage itā€¢ the 4 types of fathersā€¢ how a home without an involved father typically results in poorer education, health, financial security, and many more affecting the spouse and childrenā€¢ that real masculinity is not what society says it isā€¢ how good or bad fathering is learned primarily by observing our own fathersā€¢ what the father wound is and how everyone who has a father gets itā€¢ the sources of identity, transference, and misogynyAn uninvolved father may not have chosen his child, but it is never too late for change. The Legacy of Absence can help.