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Light Years

Autor: Jane Howard, Elizabeth

Disponibilitate: LIVRARE IN 2-4 SAPTAMANI (produsul este livrat din Marea Britanie)


Pret standard 59,99 RON

Pret special 39,99 RON este o LIBRARIE online de carte in limba engleza.
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AutorJane Howard, Elizabeth
EdituraPan Macmillan
Dimensiuni198 x 131 x 28
Data Publicarii05/11/1993
Numar pagini592
In 1937, the coming war is only a distant cloud on Britain's horizon. As the Cazalet households prepare for their summer pilgrimage to the family estate in Sussex, readers meet Edward, in love with but by no means faithful to his wife Villy; Hugh, wounded in the Great War; Rupert, who worships his lovely child-bride Zoe; and Rachel, the spinster sister.

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