Linear Optimization for Business

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This book takes a unique approach to linear optimization by focusing on the underlying principles and business applications of a topic more often taught from a mathematical and computational perspective. By shifting the perspective away from heavy math, students learn how optimization can be used to drive decision making in real world business settings.

The book does not shy away from the theory underlying linear optimization but rather focuses on ensuring students understand the logic without getting caught up in proving theorems. Plenty of examples, applications and case studies are included to help bridge the gap between the theory and the way it plays out in practice. The author has also included several Excel spreadsheets, showing worked-out models of linear optimization that have been used to drive decisions ranging from configuring a police force to purchasing crude oil and media planning.

How can the routes and pricing structures of airlines be optimized? How much should be invested in the prevention and punishment of crimes? These are everyday problems that can be solved using linear optimization, and this book shows students just how to do that. It will prove a useful, math-free resource for all students of management science and operations research.