Little Banker

Autor: Salvan, Radu

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The big problem of humanity is that the present generation is unconscious and applies the principle of, “Everyone for himself.”
This is an attack on the fundamental law of the universe, “We are all one,” and the effects of applying such totally individualistic concepts can become the cause of destroying the species itself—the loss of consciousness, which is, in essence, a universal consciousness.

Nobody can escape the whole belief that being separated—which is a hypnotic state—is out of the truth, and there is only one truth, a “single and indestructible, scientifically proven quantum theory that is the closeness of science to the fundamental reality of life, and beyond the indestructible and the indissoluble unity of all things, there can be no science, no religion, no social structure, or a life lived successfully without it.”

The world is ready. Existing and undergoing technology, the brilliant minds that will inhabit the planet in the future, will bring all the knowledge that is needed so that everybody can have what they want, without missing out on anything. Life will be supported by education and knowledge with full transparency, and the problem will be solved.