Lottie's Locket

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Descriere RO

Lottie's Locket is the latest novel by Maria Johnson, a Narnia meets Poirot tale that follows the adventures of nearly eleven-year-old Lottie and her remarkable journey. Lottie is quite grumpy about having to stay with her Aunt Susan in her creepy house in Yorkshire, especially since it means her parents missing her birthday. On the eve she turns eleven, however, Lottie opens a mysterious present from her mother to discover a beautiful gold locket. The next thing she knows Lottie whirls into another realm, ending up in the land of Orovand, otherwise known as the Gold Dimension. Lottie enjoys her new adventure, but after an important ceremony, she discovers her locket has been stolen and stumbles onto a treasonous plot. Lottie and her new friends, Zara and Andri, decide to try to solve the case. Can Lottie uncover the truth, get her locket back and make her way back home?