Mary and Her Family on Lockdown

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For many young children living across the world, the day-to-day routine they were so used to appeared to have changed overnight as the coronavirus's immediate lockdown brought about many things, including a confusing big WHY? Why the schools were closed, why their health might be at risk, why they had to deal with such intense pain, why a member of the family might not be coming back home after their last spoken goodbye, why everyone had to stay at home, why people had to wear face masks, why the playgrounds were closed, why they couldn't see or visit friends and loved one. And what is this virus called COVID19 all about?

Mary And Her Family On Lockdown is a story that should always remind us, and many generations to come of how life at one time drastically changed humanity in a blink of an eye with little explanation and scarcity in the description. And how much we ought to thank the heroes among us that gave everything to see humanity win against a mighty pandemic like COVID19.