Media and Development

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Development aims at bringing about qualitative changes leading to an upward movement of the entire social system. It is measured in terms of improvement in the lives of the people and the strengthening of the individual's-and thereby a nation's-capacity to deal with the rest of the world. Development is, therefore, interlinked with the entire social, political, and cultural fabric of a society. The slogan Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas aptly sums up the basic principles of this development model which aims at Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah or 'let all be prosperous and happy.' Both demographic explosion and terrorism pose a serious threat to development. Unchecked population growth not only slows down the pace of development but also accentuates the ecological crisis, thereby preventing the benefits of development from reaching one and all. Terrorism reduces the scope, the magnitude, and beneficial impact of development everywhere. This book is an incisive study of the dynamics of development. It combines both theoretical underpinnings and practical insights to enlighten the reader about various challenges on the path to development. Written by a journalist and a media academic, it will be invaluable to both media practitioners and students in understanding the fine nuances of the current development discourse. [Subject: India Studies, Economic Development, Journalism, Media Studies, Economics, Governance, International Economics]