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Metroparks, Metropolitics

Autor: Krummenacher, Scott

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Connecting fragments of undeveloped land into vibrant networks of trees, rivers, and open space is a grand accomplishment, with benefits that range from improved human health to stronger ecological systems. But getting support and financing from multiple local governments and communities presents huge challenges to these important initiatives. Metroparks, Metropolitics offers a perceptive analysis of how to achieve the elusive and important goal of creating regional greenspace networks.

Author Scott Krummenacher has studied greenspace systems for years, and offers answers to questions about engaging stakeholders and getting the resources and support that planners need. Krummenacher takes a detailed look at two comparable yet challenging metro areas, St. Louis and Kansas City, which have each created successful regional greenspace plans in different ways. He shows how the lessons they offer from their differing approaches can be incorporated into a strategy for any region, any greenspace initiative. Metroparks, Metropolitics combines rigorous policy analysis with key insights from policymakers, activists, and others who have been involved in successful campaigns.

While this book can’t guarantee that establishing a regional greenspace network will be easy, it is filled with both wisdom and practical advice for handling the obstacles that inevitably come up during these ambitious undertakings.

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AutorKrummenacher, Scott
EdituraIsland Press
Data Publicarii31/12/2019
FormatPaperback / softback
Numar pagini224
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