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Mistborn Trilogy Boxed Set

Autor: Sanderson, Brandon

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A boxed set of the landmark fantasy from Brandon Sanderson, the man credited with breathing fresh life into Robert Jordan's WHEEL OF TIME. An epic fantasy set in a world where the Dark Lord has gained dominion over the world. A world of ash and pain.A world subjugated. But a world where magic can be drawn from metals. A world waiting for a new heroine, a new hope.A word of mouth bestseller in the USA Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn trilogy have now become a massive hit in the UK, introducing readers to the work of one of the genre's great talents. A master of world building, sweeping plots, believable characters and engrossing magic systems.

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AutorSanderson, Brandon
EdituraOrion Publishing Co
Dimensiuni210 x 138 x 138
Data Publicarii14/05/2015
FormatMixed media product
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