Moscow Metro Architecture & Design Map

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Architectural historian Nikolai Vassiliev has curated the second in Blue Crow Media's new series of maps dedicated to the architecture and design of the world's finest public transport systems. With photography by Alexei Narodizkii, this bilingual (English andRussian) two-sided cartographic guide is an original and fascinating insight into the architecture and decoration of the Moscow Metro for transport lovers, students of design, tourists and others interested in the history of Moscow.The guide includes an originally designed geographical Moscow Metro map with featured stations marked on the front, corresponding photographs and details on the reverse, along with an introduction by Nikolai Shumakov, Head Architect of Metrogiprotrans and chief designer of many of Moscow's finest contemporary stations.The map is protected by a red board slipcover featuring a distinctive die cut 'M'.Moscow Metro Architecture & Design Map highlights the most unique and influentia examples of architecture and decoration across what is widely considered to be themost impressive network of stations in the world. Stations such as the baroque Komsomolskaya with its elaborate cartouches and historical mosaics are featuredalongside the avant-garde Krasnye Vorota and the futuristic Fonzinskaya. Famousso-called 'palaces of the people' from the 1930s to today are celebrated together in this expertly compiled yet accessible guide; perfect for accompanying rides on the MoscowMetro, or inspiring the next journey.