Navigating the Problems and Solutions of Work-Life Balance Crisis for Nurses

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The work-life balance of employees remains at a crisis point despite all efforts by the government and employers to mitigate the issue. A lot of the efforts and initiatives aimed at providing some balance between work and life for employees have come short of providing the desired outcome for employees. This became even more difficult by the influx of women who work full time and could be the family breadwinner in the labour market. The whole situation begs a few questions:

What are the government and employers missing in their strategy to effectively address the issue of work-life balance?
What more can managers do to better the outcomes of work-life balance for their employers, especially for nurses?
Are employees fully aware of their organisationÔÇÖs work-life balance policy?
What can an individual do to improve their own work-life balance and, in effect, their health and general wellbeing?
This book takes a holistic and unbiased approach towards critically examining the questions raised and provides tangible, easy-to-implement solutions that will be of great benefit to both the employers and the employees.