Of Time and Men

Autor: Jones, Lewis

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Descriere RO

This is a story that, at once, is a moving, exciting and panoramic view of life. A story of people, their lives, hopes and dreams. It is also a story of their exploitation and their death. The story is raw, as were the years of its telling. Here we trace a man’s search for acceptance and love, a search that will take us across the turbulent waters of the Atlantic Ocean and into the dark and frightening depths of the earth.

In these pages, we will find passion – raw, rich and beautiful – and we will also find the fallibility of man that leads to pain, suffering and destruction.

The story spans less than one hundred years and yet, within that momentous time, we may learn not only of damning despair, but of joyous and soaring hope, and that tantalising, ever-present something. That revolves and lies within all of us, that something, way, way out there…