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Pancreas Transplantation


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This book presents state of the art knowledge on all aspects of pancreas transplantation in insulin-dependent diabetic patients. Readers will find up-to-date information and guidance on preoperative evaluation and care, donor management, organ harvest and transplantation, postoperative management, and potential medical and surgical complications. A variety of topical issues with respect to graft survival are addressed, with thorough discussion of the current use of immunosuppressants and the management of graft thrombosis and other causes of graft failure. Detailed attention is also paid to post-transplant metabolic changes and the impact of pancreas and pancreatic islet transplantation on the complications of diabetes mellitus. The role of radiology in evaluation and intervention is clearly explained, and the book concludes with chapters on living donor pancreas transplantation and quality of life issues.Transplant surgeons at all levels of experience will find this book to be a valuable asset that assists in the achievement of consistently good outcomes.

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EdituraSpringer Verlag, Singapore
Dimensiuni254 x 178
Data Publicarii13/06/2018
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