PowerShell 7 for IT Professionals

Autor: Lee, Thomas

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PowerShell 7 for IT Pros focuses on using PowerShell 7, the open source, cross-platform version of Windows PowerShell, which is aimed at Windows IT Professionals. The early version of PowerShell Core did not provide a lot to IT Pros--many users complained the initial version of PowerShell Core was like Windows PowerShell 1.0. However, after a lot of revamping and retooling, and support from a huge PowerShell user community, Microsoft has repositioned PowerShell 7 as the future of PowerShell. The book covers topics that'll be familiar to IT Pros, such as managing networking, using AD/DNS/DHCP, leveraging Azure, and more. However, the coverage is going to use PowerShell 7 and .NET Core 3. Topics incude:

PowerShell 7 Administrative Environment Networking Active Directory Windows Storage Shared Data Windows Update Printing Containers IIS Hyper-V WMI and CIM cmdlets Reporting Cross-Platform PowerShell The book includes sample code to use in the examples. Scripts are based on PowerShell 7 running on Windows 10 19H1 or later and Windows Server 2019.