Quantitative Analysis and Modeling of Earth and Environmental Data

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Quantitative Analysis and Modeling of Earth and Environmental Data: Applications for Spatial and Temporal Variation offers a systematic, quantitative analysis of multi-sourced data, including the spatial distribution and temporal dynamics of natural attributes. It covers data handling techniques that may vary by space and/or time, and aims to improve understanding of physical laws of change underlying available numerical datasets, while also considering in-situ uncertainties and relevant measurement errors (conceptual, technical, computational). Featuring real-world practical applications and practice exercises, this book is a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial of data-driven techniques that will help students and researchers master data analysis in earth and environmental sciences.

The notions and methods presented in the book cover a wide range of data in various forms and sources, including hard measurements, soft observations, secondary information and auxiliary variables (ground-level measurements, satellite observations, scientific instruments and records, protocols and surveys, empirical models and charts).