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In 'Queering Christ', Robert E. Goss summarizes a decade of his thinking as a queer Christian theologian, sharing his queering of four critical areas: sexuality, Christ, the Bible, and theology. These areas form the quadrants of his own spirituality that aims at the queer reconstruction of Christianity and reflects a life that strives to integrate the depths of spirituality and sexuality with a practice of justice. Many aspects of the work are guaranteed to be highly controversial within and outside of the LGBT community. ""'Queering Christ' exemplifies the work of Robert Goss at its best and demonstrates the potential of sexual theology to both shock and inspire. A long-standing and committed liberation theologian, Goss offers us a christology grounded in translesbigay experience, taking a clear option for those who have been marginalized by the heterosexual ideology that has regrettably perverted Christianity. The outcome is an insightful, passionate, and original christology for the 21st century, expounded with pastoral compassion and intellectual sophistication. 'Queering Christ' is a deeply moving book that will change people's lives. --Marcella Maria Althaus-Reid, The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and author of 'Indecent Theology' Robert Goss calls his church--indeed all of Christianity--to its prophetic role. While most of his energy argues the twin points of church gender and power, it becomes apparent that gender-difference, as it is practiced in church and elsewhere, is power's social face. The work begun in 'Jesus Acted Up' is here broadened in focus to implicate all persons, however gender-identified, who need the church to preach again an authentic, prophetic spirituality. Without question Robert Goss is one of the preeminent names helping to break up the ice encasing the practice of Christian theology. This is an important book, and Goss is an important voice for the Catholic Resistance. --The Reverend Edward Ingebretsen, Director of American Studies, Georgetown University Robert Goss tackles topics and texts that have been taboo even in the queer community in a candid, courageous, and catholic (small and large C) book. He insists that we 'do ask, do tell' in essays that push the horizons of queer theology. This is a book that will generate rich, necessary conversations. Read it and talk! --Mary E. Hunt, Ph.D., Co-director of Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (WATER) Dr. Robert E. Bob Goss is Pastor of MCC (Metropolitan Community Church) in the Valley in North Hollywood, California. Goss transferred as clergy into MCC from the Roman Catholic Church where he had been ordained as a Jesuit priest. He earned a Th.D. from Harvard University and taught courses in Religious Studies at the university level for ten years. Dr. Goss has written or edited seven other titles, including 'JESUS ACTED UP: A Gay and Lesbian Manifesto', 'Take Back the Word: A Queer Reading of the Bible', and 'The Queer Bible Commentary.'