Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox

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This fully updated second edition is a practical guide for parents, teachers and other professionals to create cultures of resilience and wellbeing in schools, homes and health care settings. Students will build life-long competencies to improve their emotional regulation, empathy, persistence, problem solving, mindset, optimism, gratitude, kindness and values; improving their psychological readiness to bounce back from life's ups and downs.

Alongside new lesson plans that are even easier to follow and specific guidance on how to meet criteria on social emotional learning frameworks, the lively and engaging resources in this book include:

Practical, photocopiable guide sheets and worksheets, also available as eResources via Adaptable role plays and activities Solid research-based strategies A flexible framework that can be creatively implemented in classrooms, homes and health care settings. Parent tips at the end of each chapter.
This is a must-have handbook for anyone seeking to provide young people in their care with a strong foundation for life long social, emotional and learning outcomes.