Rider's Pain-Free Back

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A doctor's prescription for a healthy back, in and out of the saddle. Over 90 percent of the US population seeks help for back pain at one point or another during the course of their life. If you're a horseperson, back pain is of particular concern as it not only robs you of the joys of riding--it threatens your livelihood, as well. From grooming and tacking up, to performing a flawless reining pattern or jumping a clean round, to stacking hay bales or pushing a wheelbarrow, everything we do on and around horses demands a supple, strong, healthy back.

Now, in his unique, easygoing style, Dr. Jim Warson--a neurosurgeon who also happens to be a lifelong horseman--provides all the practical information you need to understand the diagnosis and treatment of back pain--whether caused by equestrian pursuits, outside activities, illness, or heredity. More importantly, he shows readers how to prevent back problems before they have a chance to unseat them. This book includes:

"Normal" back biology and function Congenital conditions, trauma, arthritis, and infection Understanding symptoms and pinpointing problem areas Tack's impact on the physics of riding How your horse's conformation can affect your body Traditional and alternative treatments and therapies Techniques for saddling and mounting without stress Recommendations for pregnant riders. In addition, Dr. Warson provides a section specifically geared toward improving rider flexibility and strength. You'll find:

Step-by-step instructions and photo series for 10 stretches and 8 exercises for a healthy, stress-free back, allowing you to not only enjoy your riding but all your day-to-day activities, whatever they may be. Over a hundred color photographs and illustrations.