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Right in Latin America

Autor: Cannon, Barry (Maynooth University, Ireland)

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Most current analysis on Latin American politics has been directed at examining the shift to the left in the region. The turn to the left in Latin America is generally seen as a result of counter-movements by subordinate sectors to the implementation of waves of neoliberal structural adjustment policies, often by center- or center-right governments. This interpretation of the emergence of the left in Latin America raises a number of questions for the Latin American right: What kind of discursive, policy, and strategic responses have emerged among civil society organizations linked to the right and right political parties to this rejection of neoliberalism by Latin Americans? Have there been any shifts in attitudes to the social or in terms of state/society relations? What impact will such responses have for prospects for democracy in the region?


Understanding the Latin American Right" seeks to provide answers to these questions while helping to fill a gap in the literature on the contemporary Latin American political right. Barry Cannon uses a theoretical framework developed on a multi-disciplinary level that encompasses political science, political sociology, and international relations. First, the book contains a political science element as it discusses the validity of right/left cleavages within a context of democratization. Second, a political sociological approach is used in field research, which covers four major countries in the region two with right-governments Chile and Colombia, and two on the center-left or left Argentina and Venezuela, providing rich comparative potential. Cannon completed extensive interviews with three different populations in these countries: representatives of right-identified civil society organizations, political actors on the right, and academic experts of different ideological stances. Finally, the book contains an international political economy perspective, as it concerns itself not just with right attitudes to state/society relations and inequalities at the national level, but how these are interlinked into wider processes of globalization.

This multi-faceted inter-disciplinary approach and rich empirical data enables the book to provide an important contribution to the debate on the nature, aims and strategies of the contemporary Latin American right. "

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AutorCannon, Barry (Maynooth University, Ireland)
EdituraTaylor & Francis Ltd
Dimensiuni231 x 157 x 11
Data Publicarii21/04/2016
FormatPaperback / softback
Numar pagini182
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