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Rose Society (The Young Elites book 2)

Autor: Lu, Marie

Disponibilitate: Aceasta editura si-a sistat livrarile pana la data de 20 iunie 2020


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Adelina Amouterus heart is set on revenge. Now known and feared as the White Wolf, she and her sister flee Kenettra to find other Young Elites in the hopes of building her own army. Her goal: to strike down the Inquisition Axis, the white-cloaked soldiers who nearly killed her. Teren Santoro, leader of the Inquisition, wants her dead.

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AutorLu, Marie
EdituraPenguin Books Ltd
Dimensiuni199 x 128 x 27
Data Publicarii06/10/2015
FormatPaperback / softback
Numar pagini416
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