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Sands of the Sea offers a sparkling collection of both current and historical fiction. Crisp, well-shaped stories, strong characterizations, a fast pace, and unusual locals combine to draw the reader in. Here you'll find absorbing journeys of adventure, mystery, and enlightenment. The story of Musstella takes you into a ghost town where much is revealed to Josh Tigglesworth. Unclaimed has us living with three orphans, each wrestling with their own identity. The Marmoset Monkey leads a neuroscientist down a rabbit hole of unforeseen consequences. The Interment of Rusty McTaggart doesn't go quietly, and in The Spirit Barn, the creatures have a lot to teach us. We realize in the story of Tom Caverley's Chicken that the fowl actually rule the roost. In Carnivalla, consultant Amy has reached a crossroad and takes matters into her own hands. A Brush with Death is a mystery of the supernatural, and in Ai, the daughter of a wealthy Chinese family is kidnapped and becomes a victim of a makeshift rescue plan. "Sands of the Sea" resonates with the kind of story a reader returns to, following that hidden "magnet" in expert storytelling.